About Thomas Petty

Thomas Petty has been a Master SEO trainer with the Bay Area Search Engine Academy since 2008. He teaches SEO classes in the San Francisco, California Bay Area, and is President of an SEO consulting services company. He is an HFI Certified Usability Analyst™ from Human Factors International.

Why Should I Use an SSL Certificate on My Website?

If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website, you may wonder why you need one. It’s more than just secure transactions, and it can actually help your SEO and build trust with your visitors.


How to Get Your Customers to Commit: But Is the Leap Too Great?

If your website visitors aren’t signing up for your services, maybe you’re asking them to make a huge leap from where they are to where you want them. Use micro-commitments to lead your visitors by the hand to the ultimate end goal.


How Is Digital Marketing Different From SEO?

Search engine optimization and a website isn’t necessarily a good marketing plan. In today’s world, with today’s sophisticated and connected buyers, you have to have a digital marketing plan in place to generate leads.


How to SEO Yourself Into Oblivion

If you’re not sure what over-optimization means on your website, here’s a blatant example of what not to do to try to “optimize” your website. This is how to SEO yourself into an abyss of oblivion.


3 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Edit Your Images and Get Them In Shape!

If you’re not optimizing your website and blog images properly, you’re missing an opportunity to really make people (and the search engines) notice! These are simple steps that you can take to make everything pop.